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Eastwood BB-04 COPI Delay

Eastwood BB-04 COPI Delay

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We've got a few extra of these Eastwood Black Box Series COPI-DELAY pedals for sale, in as-new condition. This is a great chance to score a brand new delay pedal at a fraction of its retail price!


"The COPI DELAY is a tribute to analog and tape delay. We’ve kept it simple and classic, it’s more ‘echo’ than ‘delay’, voicing it to the classic sound tape echoes of the 60’s. The DELAY time goes up to 450ms and down to 20ms. The REPEAT control takes your feedback from a single slap/repeat all the way to infinite repeats with self-oscillation. (Oh, and don’t forget to mess with the DELAY setting when you have the REPEAT on full)."

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