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Eastwood BB-05 Mag Delay

Eastwood BB-05 Mag Delay

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We've got a few extra of these Eastwood Black Box Series MAG-DELAY pedals for sale, in as-new condition. This is a great chance to score a brand new delay pedal at a fraction of its retail price!

" Where the BB-04 COPI DELAY is our 60’s inspired Echo pedal, the MAG DELAY takes us into the 70’s, with an altered frequency bandwidth for the delay signal and the introduction of modulation.
The Modulation section (DEPTH and SPEED) is a vari-pitch modulation effect that is applied only to the Delay signal. This simulates tape ‘wow and flutter’ at higher settings and can be used as a subtle chorus/vibe effect at more moderate settings. DELAY time rises to 600ms max from 35ms at its lowest. The MAG DELAY will also oscillate it’s delay signal when the REGEN (regeneration/feedback) is set high and it allows you to ‘play’ the TIME control.

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