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Zvex Seek Wah 1998- Serial #ZO37


This is a very rare version of the Seek Wah, made in 1998, and hand painted by Jason Myrold.

The ZVex Seek Wah is a brilliant marriage between a wah pedal and an sequencer. It looks maddeningly complex, but it's actually quite simple and intuitive.

The toggle switches between 4, 6, or 8 steps in the sequence. The speed knob adjusts the tempo of the sequence. Individual trimmers adjust the placement of the sweep in each step in the sequence. So in addition to selecting the speed and the number of steps, you can create rhythmic accents by adjusting where the sweep of each step is in the sequence. You can even use it to get tremolo effects. The LEDs get brighter or more dim depending on where the knob is in the sweep.

This incredible creative tool is in excellent condition and the electronics work perfectly. The trimmers, switches and jacks are all clean and quiet. You can power the Seek Wah with a 9-volt battery only. It was not designed for use with an external power supply.

Barely Used. As-New condition!

    Demo Video

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