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Stephenson 40-Watt 1x12 Combo


Here we have an incredibly rare and versatile boutique amp built in Canada by custom builder Mark Stephenson. This is all you'd ever need from an amp in an easily transportable 1x12 package! 

Built in 2004, this combo sports a super cool green tolex which is in excellent condition, with a few movement scuffs here and there. Included is its purple cover, as seen in the photos above. Among its other unique and fantastic features, this amp can be set for 20, 30 or 40 watts of power. See full specs and features below.

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    Clean Channel: 
    Gain - controls preamp level for channel A
    Treble - high frequency control for channel A
    Bass - low frequency control for channel A

    Distortion Channel:
    Gain - controls amount of preamp distortion for channel B
    Level - controls channel B's preamp signaloutput to power amp
    Treble - high frequency control for channel B
    Bass - low frequency control for channel B
    Mid - midrange frequency control for channel B

    Both channels share the reverb. 

Power Scale:
The Power Scale (PS)control is the worlds best and most transparent master volume. PS varies the amount of wattage the power amp produces by proportionally varying the voltage applied to the power tubes. With the PS set to minimum the wattage output is only a fraction of a watt, with the PS set to maximum the power amp produces full wattage. Power tube life is greatly extended with the PS on setting less than maximum.


Power Switch

Feedback attenuation – controls the amount of negative feedback that is employed in the power amp.Negative feedback is a common guitar amplification method to control the tightness and gain of the power amp. Too much negative feedback can cause a thin constricted sounding amp and too little can cause a bloated sounding amp.With the Fat set to minimum a great deal of negative feedback is employed,which keeps the power amp tight with less body and gain. With the Fat set to maximum the power amp is running open loop (no negative feedback) for maximum gain, body and wattage from the power amp.

Ultra Linear / Pentode:
This switch selects what mode the power tubes are running in. Ultra Linear is a 50’s hi-fi deal that requires a custom output transformer with an extra set of taps that run the power tube screen grids at near the same potential as the plates. UltraLinear has a smooth warm sound and the lower internal resistance of the power tube allows the Fat control to be set higher.

Pentode is the classic guitar amp method of power tube operation. Pentode produces more wattage and generally more grind. This mode prefers the Fat control be dialed back to keep the bottom tight.

Power Select:

    This setting activates two of the 4 power tubes, the 6V6 and the EL84. This          mis-matched power tube combination produces 20 watts power output.

    This setting activates the pair of EL84’s for 30 watts of power.

    This setting activates all 4 power tubes for 40 watts of power.

This 5 pin jack is where the footswitch is connected.

Speaker Impedance Selector:
Use this selector as a tone control. The output transformer is more than twice over-rated so there is no harm in running the selector set to the wrong impedance. * Do not change the impedance while the amp is being played.

Speaker Jacks:
These two 1/4 “ jacks are wired in parallel.

 FX Loop:
The loop is a tube buffered parallel type with a transformer isolated phase reversible send. Some effects processors and effects pedals reverse the signal phase so use the phase switch to put the effects signal back in phase with the amp. The loop can also be used as a solo boost. Plug a short ¼” cable between the send and receive jacks, adjust the send and return levels for desired amount of boost. The volume boost can now be activated by using the footswitch EFX button.