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JOYO - Box 'O Pedals


Here we have a collection of earlier JOYO Pedals! This listing is for the entire lot of 8 pedals. Included are:

Valco "The Stooge" Fuzz:
Classic Super-Fuzz pedal. The fuzz controls the amount of fuzz, tone controls the brightness and volume adjust the output level. The normal/cut switch scoops out the mids for a very fat tone. Octave Up produces octave changes that give you a ring modulator effect. True bypass design to minimize the tone loss.

Vintage Phase:
The Joyo Vintage Phase pedal beautifully re-creates the classic phaser sounds of the 70's - that wide spacey, phase effect used by Pink Floyd! Great for chunky rhythm guitar or as a solo boosting effect.  At low speeds the phase depth is dialed down appropriately. At higher speeds the phase gets more intense. 

Easy to use so you can dial up that in-and-out of phase tone in no time!

Crunch Distortion:
The Joyo Crunch Distortion is a tight responsive distortion pedal that's good for Rock and Alternative applications. The Tone control is particularly useful in shaping the EQ focus of the distortion and makes precision fine-tuning a breeze. Has a tight attack and clarity ideal for cutting through the mix.

Vintage Overdrive:
The Joyo Vintage Overdrive is an Ibanez Tube Screamer clone with smooth overdrive and sustain. The original Tube Screamer's are known for their characteristic mid hump. Joyo's version is less mid-range muddy, allowing more clarity to be heard from your guitar playing. It also has greater gain range than the standard TS. It beats the original at it's own game.

Classic Chorus:
The Joyo Classic Chorus is crisp and transparent chorus, great for a little embellishment. Full bodied 12-string sounds and deep clear bell like tone. Doesn't sound harsh like some choruses can. This pedal is an absolute steal.

Dyna Compressor:
The Joyo Dyna Compressor is a re-creation of the early classic 80s Boss compressor, with very low noise.  A relatively mild compressor effect, this is not a "clicky" type compressor pedal. Use the Sustain, Attack, and Level knobs to find your ideal tone. Attack can be raised for more definitive picking effect or lowered for a rounded guitar sound.

Digital Delay:
The Joyo Digital Delay pedal is a digital delay at a rock bottom cost. Clean repeats you want, clean repeats you get. From slapback, to full on cascading walls of chiming goodness this pedal can get you there. Has the standard controls for controlling Level, Time, and Repeat (aka feedback) and is built like tank and dependable.

Ultimate Octave:
This pedal is both Fuzz and Octave in one with the ability to select between the two. The standard Fuzz distortion is similar to the EHX Big Muff, is sufficiently grainy and full. Endless sustain fuzz here. The second effect is the out-of-this-world octave sound that you can switch on over the fuzz. This sound is really different, and it's perfect for cool sound effects or alien-sounding tones being blended in with the raw signal.  The mid cut allows you to scoop out some of the body. Tone allows you to lean it anywhere between thunderous low end or ear bleeding high end.

All pedals are used, but fully functional. Some pedals are missing battery covers. Sold as-is, final sale.

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