Valco BloodBuzz Pedal


We've got a few extra of these Valco BloodBuzz Pedals for sale, in as-new condition. This is a great chance to score a brand new boutique Fuzz/Drive pedal at a fraction of its retail price!

"The Valco BloodBuzz is our modern tribute to the legendary Lovetone Cheese Source™ pedal but with some modern tweaks to improve the overall EQ and expand its versatility. Those familiar with the original will feel at home instantly, those not familiar can now discover it for themselves without taking out a bank loan.

The BloodBuzz can be seen as TWO completely separate FX pedals housed together in ONE enclosure. Due to the input/output options, the BloodBuzz can be configured in ANY way you want. Fuzz into Drive. Drive into Fuzz. Fuzz out to your Wah, back into Drive. All simple to achieve." 

    Demo Video

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